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We believe in crafting products that propel businesses towards higher efficiency and empower individuals by automating time-consuming tasks. And we believe in saving you money, too.


RealFake Photos

Consumer App

Turn your selfies into professional headshots with AI.

Seamless professional headshot creation.

Generating a professional headshot with RealFake is a breeze. Upload 10 pictures, and AI creates brand-new professional headshots. Make your online presence shine! Perfect for LinkedIn, CV, and business cards.

RealFake provided me with an amazing headshot, and I was thrilled by the convenience of obtaining it from home and the user-friendly experience.

Gabriel Rodriguez, AWS Switzerland


Consumer App

We handle blogs. You focus on your business.

Streamline your SEO blog post creation process, from ideation to hosting, for effortless high rankings.

We take your website, research and cluster easy-to-rank keywords. Given a topic, we use over 100 top-ranking search results and your custom data to research and write useful blog posts people love. We handle all the on-page and technical SEO for you. You just connect Spexia to your website.

We have simplified the SEO and content creation journey from ideation to hosting. Our platform empowers website owners to effortlessly cut through the digital noise, reaching their audience with compelling, high-ranking blog posts. It is not just a tool; it is a pathway to authentic digital expression and remarkable online visibility.

Jan-Oliver Seidenfuss, CEO of Profaile

Internal Knowledge Hub

Enterprise Solution

Find what your company knows.

AI-powered search assistant across your company's knowledge & apps.

Internal Knowledge Hub transforms your company's scattered information into one accessible knowledge hub, making it easy for employees to find the information they need.

With Internal Knowledge Hub's unified interface and seamless integrations, finding information is easier than ever before. There's no going back for me.

Leonard von Kleist, CTO of Hive

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